• Amanda Goldman Peteri

    “I help online entrepreneurs, just like you, to work smarter, not harder to create more freedom, income, AND impact!"

    xoxo - Amanda



"7 Days & Nerdy Ways To Capture 1 Amazing New Client This Week!"

Amanda Supports Coaches Who Want
A Leveraged Business That Easily Generates Income

while also living the balanced life they want for themselves and their family.

Do you want a coaching business that is highly FLEXIBLE

so that you can travel the world, home-school your kids, or just work from home without having to work overtime?

Do you KNOW you are amazing at what you do, but just can’t seem to get out of the time-for-dollars private coaching model?

Are you searching for a MENTOR who will remind you of your strength,

show you how brilliant you really are, teach you how to grow a leveraged, balanced, and scalable business, and hold you accountable to the steps you need to take?

When you work with Amanda, you’ll discover how simple the shifts really are to take your coaching business from “burn out” to “balanced.”

Amanda is a stand for entrepreneurs living
financially free AND happy lives.

Her unique brilliance is in showing entrepreneurs that marketing creates happiness. When you know how to market your business in a leveraged, balanced way, it opens the door for more freedom, income, and impact.

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3 Simple Steps To Consistently Bring In Clients

I have to be honest: Finding clients is EASY! (making money is too) In fact, my last 3 launches have resulted in: 60+ paying clients in July 55 paying clients in September 54 paying clients in November With just these clients, my guaranteed recurring income would allow me to completely stop


How Setbacks Are Really Gifts in Disguise

Have you ever heard of “launch fatigue”? It’s that brain-dead-exhausted feeling you get from launching a new offer for your business. Sometimes it sets in before the launch even starts… you worked yourself too hard preparing for it. Sometimes it sets in amidst the launch… you just want it to be



“Filled Two Group Programs TO THE BRIM!”

“I began working with Amanda so that I could spend more time with my daughter by leveraging my time and shifting out of the one-on-one model. In just 90 days, I did my first group program launch. I OVER-FILLED it and was able to fill TWO groups!”

“Quadrupled My Clientele!”

When I first became a VA, I had no clue where to start or what I was doing! After working with Amanda and watching her build her VA biz from just her to countless other VA’s; and watching her new clients roll in, I knew I needed to take note. So, when she told me there was a spot in her 10k VA program, I jumped on it! Since the program started, my non-techy self created a WordPress website, quadrupled my clientele and I was even able to raise my rates and start offering packages. I can’t believe I have to subcontract out work, when just over a year ago I was chained to a desk in a stuffy office that I hated! Amanda showed me that there was a total hole in the market for my services and I got the confidence to go after targeted clients instead of just taking what I could get. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and you just need a little, or even a big push, Amanda is your gal!! I can’t thank her enough for the wealth of knowledge that she has shared with our group!


"7 Days & Nerdy Ways To Capture 1 Amazing New Client This Week!"